Geriatric Care: Why Is it Essential for Seniors?

What is geriatric care?


Geriatric care primarily centers around elderly who might have one or more health concerns or are unable to manage their day to day tasks. With a geriatric care, you can manage quite a few prescription medicines.

Studies suggest 3 out of 4 people in the US who’re 65 and over have at least 1 chronic health disorder. Each one of these disorders might need different management as well as prescription medicines.

A geriatrician can offer the right treatment to the patient. They’re equipped to counter common diseases which affect seniors & also know how different medicines might interact with each other.

A geriatric care staff may comprise professional like:

A Geriatrician

A social worker

A dietician

A registered nurse

A pharmacist

Physical therapy expert

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When is geriatric care a requirement?

Consulting with a geriatric expert is likely to aid people with multiple chronic disorders. It might be a wise option to consult a geriatrician in case you or your partner:

Are above the age of 75 & have 2 or more chronic disorders.

Are suffering from some sort of memory issues or physical disorder.

Is lonely or with caregivers who’re under tremendous stress

Consults with 2 or more doctor for treating multiple medical issues.

Find it challenging to understand therapies associated with prescription medicatons.

Selecting the right geriatrician:

Makesure that your chosen geriatrician:

  1. Accepts assignments related to Medicare or you may need to pay way more even for services that can be covered with Medicare.


  1. Makes you feel comfortable while you’re communicating with them, and that you understand their explanation.
  2. Has the required certifications to offer a geriatric care.


Is Geriatric care covered under Medicare?

Traditional Medicare which includes Medicare Part A & B might cover allowable charges for your visits to the doctor. This also includes geriatricians that may be covered under Medicare Part B. However, it is important for you to ensure your geriatrician is Medicare-approved. Besides, you’ll need to pay the deductible & copayment on your own unless you’re enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plans that can cover deductibles, co-insurances, and co-payments on your behalf.