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Prisoners of the so-called « terrorism law » went on a hunger strike
Anumber of Prisoners under the so-called « terrorism law » went on an...


Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture stopped the supply of irrigation wate
Departments of ministry of agriculture stopped supplying Elbasatin water...


A bonus of « good omen » in Elanwar house
Elanwar House Company –composed of the following newspapers : Elanwar,...


Calls for reconciliation in the plenary session of the Journalists’s Union
The journalists assembled in the location of the National Union of...


The International Union of Journalists supports the Tunisian Press Syndicate
The leader of the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists received in...


Workers reservations on the supporting of exporting companies
Mohamed Saad, a member of the Central Union, declared- when chairing in...


An alarming strike in petrol stations
In the morning of Tuesday 15 June, workers of petrol stations in Tunis...


Inhabitants of Bouaween suffer from shutoff of water and doubt its purity
210 inhabitants from Hedi Khelil district in the governorate of Balta...


Inhabitants of Seliana suffer from shutoff of drinking water
45 families in Annajah district in the governorate of north Seliana...


The CNLTwarns against using the judiciary to prolong the League crisis
The National Council Of Liberties demanded the lift of all political and...


Political police threatens to close the bureau of the attorney Rabeh Elkhrayfi
The lawyer Rabeh Elkhrayfi- a member of the Democratic Progressist Party...


Sit-ins and labour movements in Sfax
Workers of “Les Trois Chemins” company made a sit-in in the three...


Police forces prevent LTDH’s delegation from reaching the Ministry of Justice
A delegation from the Tunisian Human Rights league (LTDH) -composed of...


A delegation from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network visits Tunisia
A delegation from The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) –...


Founders of OLPEC, Receive 2009 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize in Oslo
On 4 June 2009, IPA President Herman P. Spruijt formally awarded the...

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